LEAFD was created very strategically to promote high quality casual and comfortable streetwear designed to spark creativity and individuality. Our clothing brand offers basic everyday quality looks for everybody. With every piece that we create, we hope to inspire you to Live Everyday and Fulfill your Dreams.

  This brand encourages the free-spirited person to live life as you imagine. Follow your own rules, take chances, and make sure that it’s something you’re truly passionate about. Once you find the satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose and maneuvering through life abiding to your own rules you’ll notice it becomes a part of your everyday life. People like athletes, coaches, doctors, lawyer’s musicians, artist, business owners who are truly passionate about their profession find themselves doing what they love to do “everyday”.

  Living Everyday and Fulfilling Dreams is more than a brand, it is a message to the people who are seeking their purpose. If you live life to the fullest everyday you never know what opportunity you may come across. That’s the beauty of about life and fashion, limitless opportunities to get it right.